Agenda at a glance:

Latest EU emission regulation and technology roadmaps for major OEMs
The implementation and supervision of passenger car fuel consumption standard and CAFC/NEV Dual-Credits policy in China from 2020 to 2025
Summary and suggestions of China VI implementation and the planning and development of China VII
Current status and future plans of fuel quality in Chinese market
Innovation of gearbox technology and New Energy Automotive driving technology
Strategy of turbocharger electrification and electric supercharger technology
Performance study on China VI-compliant after-treatment technology and equipment
Latest ICE technology with improved thermal efficiency and fuel economy
Lightweight and NVH control technology for passenger vehicle
Strategy of passenger car ICE and NEV powertrain market in China
Trends in architecture and technology of ultimate hybrid power
Technology roadmap and safety management technology of power battery after subsidy scale-back
Development trend of global NEV motor and electric control technology 2020-2025
How to effectively improve EV’s FE & mileage
The future of NEV and how start-ups make breakthroughs
Electrification roadmap of global major OEMs
The new generation of hydrogen technology will contribute to the development of FCEV
Current status and future trend of the construction and application of mass production of methanol vehicles
Key technology and market outlook of natural gas engine
How can traditional suppliers transform themselves and layout in NEV market?

By industry

-Government and Industrial Policy Makers
-OEMs and Powertrain Manufacturer
-Powertrain Parts Suppliers
-Intake and Exhaust System Supplier
-Gearbox Manufacturer
-Clutch, Drive Shaft, Drive Axle Manufacturer
- Oil Product Supplier

By industry

-Hybrid Power System Technology Supplier
-BSG, Electric Drive System Supplier
-Charger and Inverter Supplier
-Technical System Solution Provider
-Supplier of After-treatment Components
-Catalyst Supplier

By titles

-Government Officials
-President, CEO, Managing Director
General Manager
-Vice President, Deputy General Manager
-Marketing/Sales Director, Manager
-Business Development/
Business Development Director, Manager

By titles

-Technical Director, Manager
-R&D Director, Manager
-Program Director, Manager
-Regional Director, Manager
-Department Director, Manager
-Consultant, Analyst
-Professor, Engineer, Expert

Borscon & BIMI

Shanghai BIMI Summit Group, a spin-off from Shanghai Borscon Business Consulting, focuses on powertrain and passenger car relevant researches, aiming to drive the development of future propulsion.

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