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China's automotive industry has been feeling the winter's chill in the past three years while the unexpected coronavirus pandemic wreaked further havoc in China’s market. How the automotive industry shifts its gear towards quality growth in the post-Covid-19 world? China VI-a will take effect on 1st Jan,2021 while VI-B which is dubbed being the most stringent-ever emission standard will be adopted from 2023. China VII has been on the agenda and is expected to be implemented nation-wide from 2025 by report. The Technology Roadmap for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles 2.0, reveals that by 2035, the sales of energy-efficient vehicles and new energy vehicles will each account for 50% and the auto industry will basically complete its electrification transition. A diversified portfolio becomes a thorny issue for all automakers.
Development pathway of hydrogen energy and the fuel cell industry Innovative technologies of smart manufacturing and applications of powertrain Following its successful predecessors in the past 8 year, the 9th China International automotive Powertrain Summit 2021 will continue to provide an opportunity to discuss updated industrial policies and regulations, the latest technology progresses and trends of ICE and gearbox as well as powertrain electrification technology and its trends in the future to beacon the transition and upgrade of the automotive industry.

By industry

-OEMs and Powertrain Manufacturer
-Powertrain Parts Suppliers
Supplier of After-treatment Components Catalyst Supplier
-Intake and Exhaust System Supplier
-Gearbox Manufacturer
Battery and Battery Material Manufacturers

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BMS Manufacturers
Motor and Electric Motor Manufacturers
BSG, Electric Drive System Supplier
Charger and Inverter Supplier
Hybrid Power System Technology Supplier
Technical System Solution Provider

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-President, CEO, Managing Director
General Manager
-Vice President, Deputy General Manager
-Marketing/Sales Director, Manager
-Business Development/
Business Development Director, Manager

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-Technical Director, Manager
-R&D Director, Manager
-Program Director, Manager
-Regional Director, Manager
-Department Director, Manager
-Consultant, Analyst
-Professor, Engineer, Expert

Borscon & BIMI

Shanghai BIMI Summit Group, a spin-off from Shanghai Borscon Business Consulting, focuses on powertrain and passenger car relevant researches, aiming to drive the development of future propulsion.

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